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Huis te koop La Mata

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Huis - La Mata Adres weten?

Gepubliceerd op 23-5-2019

Huis met 5 slaapkamers.

. Prestigious 5 bedroom Villa 5 bathroom villa for sale in La Mata Torrevieja. This spectacular villa provides a modern approach to the arrangement of personal space and high-tech solutions. It guarantees not only a comfortable environment and mobility, but also a serious time saving, as well as great opportunities in the arrangement of living space. It is fully equipped with advanced technologies “under one roof”. The climate system automatically provides a constant level of comfort temperature in all rooms regardless of the season, optimum humidity level, it makes the house ecological and energy efficient, and this reduces the costs of maintaining the house. The intelligent control ensures complete safety for you and your property by constantly monitoring all the systems. Prevention of water leaks, smoke detection, unauthorized entry detection, fire alarm – this is only a small part of your future possibilities. In case of alarm you immediately receive a push notification on your mobile phone and react promptly avoiding any damage. Controlling your home from anywhere in the world and our 24/7 Customer Service is a guarantee of solving any emergency situation and ensuring a high level of safety for you and your house. It is prestigious to possess unique and rare assets, be it a house on the Mediterranean coast, antiques and art objects or an expensive car. But the most valuable asset for any successful person is Time. The house is equipped with an intelligent system which will make you forget about your household phobias, it gives you more freedom and saves your precious time which you used to spend on solving household issues. One of the key advantages of Smart Life Comfort system is the climate complex created by the specialists of our company. With integrated finely tuned algorithms the system guarantees for time cuts on your electricity bills. This also helps to protect the environment and your budget. Just imagine: hot water cost is less than 40 euros per person per year. This is a once in a lifetime must see property!!

Indeling : Badkamer (5) , Slaapkamer (5) , Zwembad
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€ 2.150.000
1020,00 m²
In aanvraag
In aanvraag
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